Tinsmith on YouTube and more…

Well, sometimes it is a very interesting exercise to look yourself up on the internet! For instance, if you look Tinsmith up on Amazon.com, you will find that you can buy a copy of Jigsaw for a mere $40! (btw – it’s cheaper on our website!)

More to the point, if you look Tinsmith up on YouTube, you will find the video of our own Rowan Corbett jamming on bones with Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops…well worth the wait even if you have dial-up! They met in the corridor of the hotel at the Folk Alliance Convention this year and it was quite a meeting! Check it out:

We hope to be teaming up with CCD in the future, so stay tuned.

On the Rowan channel, he will be playing with Danny Knicely at IMT this Monday 2 April – don’t miss it. Danny is a fabulous player (of many instruments) and he’s the hot new property in the DC area.